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Wiseman recently gave the Technical Centre for Engineering a facelift with the inclusion of machinery relating to the MEM30205 Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade).

The centre includes CNC machinery and supporting equipment in the set-up of a traditional engineering workplace. Later this year, further brand new machinery will be added and a permenent Engineering cell will be set up in a dedicated location. More on this as it progresses.

How the Engineering Equipment is used by Wiseman Institute staff

Wiseman Institute is dedicated to the process of professional development and continuous improvement. Currently, a group of our Educators is being trained in the use of the new Engineering Equipment. This means that our Educators, many who are qualified Engineers, will be able to train learners on the latest Engineering equipment as they keep up to date with current trends.

How the Certificate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade), and the Technical Centre for Engineering, benefits Employers

The employee training with Wiseman Institute will develop the essential and industry recognised skills, whilst the employer has a knowledgeable and competant apprentice who has, and is able to use, their sound skills and knowledge in the latest Engieering technology.

How the Certifcate III in Engineering (Mechanical Trade), and the Technical Centre for Engineering, benefits learners

This couse develops the compentancies that are required for you to work as an Engineering Tradesperson (Mechanical) in the areas of design, assembly, manufacture, installation, modification, testing, fault finding, commissioning, maintenance, and service of all mechanical equipment, machinery, fluid power systems, stationary and mobile equipment, instruments, refrigeration and the use of computer controlled machine tools.

The current machinery available in our Engineering cell consists of a CNC Lathe and Mill, Pedastal Drill, Pedastal Grinder, and various Power Tools required for Engineering. It is suitable for learners who are just starting their training. Soon we will have an industrial CNC Lathe and Milling Machine, which will enable learners to extend their technical qualifications using up-todate workshop machinery.

The Engineering cell will provide learners with exposure to the entire process of designing, processing, and producing components to desired specifications, with the ability to simulate different machining processes.

Engineering training with Wiseman Institute provides learners with an excellent opportunity to become more familiar with all the functions of Engineering Machinery, along with the guidance and support of our qualified Educators.


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