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Wiseman Institute of Applied Learning is dedicated to protecting your privacy.

This Privacy Policy reflects to the requirements of the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles regarding the use, collection, disclosure, storage and access of personal information.

This policy applies to all Wiseman Institute staff, sub-contractors, clients, learners, volunteers and other individuals where personal information is derived from.

Personal information may be collected for the purpose of being a Wiseman Institute employee, client or stakeholder.

Collection of your personal information requires your knowledge and consent and shall be by lawful means at all times.


Collecting Personal Information

Wiseman Institute collects your personal information through its own website when you choose to provide feedback or make an inquiry or complaint.

In order to respond to your inquiry or complaint, Wiseman may use your contact information, such as telephone number or email address.


How Personal Information is Collected

Personal Information is collected directly from you, when you sign up or communicate with Wiseman Institute.\

Wiseman Institute also collects personal information from staff when submitting their applications and resumes in relation to a job advertisement.

Client information can be collected through enrolments and project surveys, newsletter signup, complaint, feedback and enquiry forms.

When enrolling with Wiseman Institute, the following information is to be provided by clients in accordance with Victorian VET Student Statistic Collection Guidelines;

  • Personal Information (name, address, email, telephone number, date of birth)
  • Language and Cultural Information (country of birth, languages spoken, level of English)
  • Health (disabilities, conditions)
  • Employment details
  • Education history
  • Residency and Concession details

For general enquiries over the telephone, you may be able to interact with Wiseman Institute where your personal information may not be required, unless it is needed to adequately respond to your question.


Use of Personal Information

Wiseman collects and uses your personal information in order to;

  • Verify your identity and eligibility
  • Communicate with you
  • Meet your needs and provide a service you request
  • Comply with any legal contractual obligations
  • Comply with Australian laws


Accessing/Updating Personal Information

Wiseman Institute aims to ensure that personal information collected is accurate and current.

The accuracy of this information depends mostly on the information the Government authorities and yourself provide.

Under the Commonwealth Privacy Act 1988, you have the right to request for access to your personal information that is held by Wiseman Institute.  In this instance, Wiseman Institute strives to respond to your request within 30 days of your request to access your personal information.

Wiseman Institute encourages that any inaccurate personal information be corrected.  Where a correction is made and information has been disclosed to other Government agencies, Wiseman Institute will take reasonable steps in the circumstances to give that notification, unless it is impracticable or unlawful to do so.

Wiseman Institute has the right to refuse to give access or to correct the personal information requested, and if so, Wiseman Institute will notify you in writing setting out the reasons.



Wiseman Institute will not use or disclose your personal information to a third party without your consent, unless the use or disclosure of the information is required or authorised by or under an Australian law, or a court/tribunal order.

Wiseman does not use or disclose your personal information for the purpose of direct marketing.



In order to subscribe with Wiseman Institute and receive newsletters, Wiseman Institute collects your name and email address.

This information is used solely for the purpose of sending you regular updates about Wiseman Institute services.

If you wish Wiseman Institute to stop sending you emails, you may unsubscribe following the links at the bottom of the email.

Wiseman Institute does not disclose your email to third party entities.


Social Networking

Wiseman Institute uses social networking services such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, to communicate with clients and stakeholders and to promote its services.

All communication is in relation to the services Wiseman Institute provides.

When communicating with Wiseman Institute through any of these social networking avenues, Wiseman Institute may collect your personal information in order to communicate with you.

Note: Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have their own privacy policies.


Complaints (Staff and Clients)

If you choose to make a complaint about how Wiseman Institute has handled your personal information, you should make the complaint through the "Contact us" link and fill out the Wiseman Institute Complains/Appeals Form.

All complaints are generally investigated by the Managing Director/Privacy/Compliance/HR Officer.

Wiseman Institute will advise you promptly that your complaint has been received, and will generally respond to the complaint within 30 days.

Wiseman Institute staff can direct their complaints to the Managing Director while clients can speak to their educators/trainers, or can send their complaint directly to the Managing Director/Privacy/Compliance/HR Officer.


Security of Personal Information

Wiseman Institute takes all reasonable steps to protect all personal information from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure to third parties.

Wiseman Institute assures this by creating programs/technologies/high security systems.

The storage and destruction of personal information is managed by Wiseman Institute staff according to the contractual obligation of Public Records Office of Victoria.

Wiseman Institute is not responsible for the computer systems for clients, owned by Government authorities.

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