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Printing & Design Process

In June 2013, Wiseman set up the Printing & Design Cell within the Experimental Factory.

This area has enabled us to design & manufacture our very own visual learning tools, integrating this product in training sessions & in the development of client's learning environments.

Currently, this area is used by Wiseman staff who are responsible for the development and distribution of our visual learning tools.

Visual Learning Tools

Our Visual Learning Tools (VLTs) have been the first product designed and manufactured within this facility.

We recognise that there are more ways to learn than one.That's why we have developed VLTs for our learning & assessment kits allowing learners to have visual representations of lean practices & competitive business processes during training activities.

With the advanced design/printing equipment we currently have, we are able to develop customized posters upon customer's requests.This includes OH&S rules and manual handling posters with the inclusion of a company logo & colour schemes. 

To support our customers after the completion of training, Wiseman can formally handover VLTs upon request. Any VLTs used for training purposes are returned to Wiseman.

If you wish to have Wiseman design and/or manufacture VLTs for your business, contact us for more information on how we can assist you. 


We have designed a number of VLTs based on some of our most common learning solutions including but not limited to:
  • 5S
  • Lean principles
  • Lean business process
  • OH&S
  • Just In Time (JIT)
  • Problem Solving Tools

To see images of our current VLTs, please visit our gallery.


Once the design of the visual has been reviewed & approved, it can proceed to print production.

Our printing equipment allows us to produce visuals of all sizes including A1 within seconds. This means that visuals that are made regardless of the volume or size requested can be processed at the most efficient rate.

The advantages of our printing equipment include:

  • Ideal for mass production
  • User friendly
  • Economical & efficient
  • Built-in accounting software for recording jobs & costs
  • High productivity - can print A0 sized paper in 48 seconds


All Wiseman visual products are identifiable with a unique serial number. This is to ensure that all products released from the Experimental Factory are registered & undergo a 'sign out/sign in' procedure when distributed. 

Once registered, we laminate the visual product using an A1 commercial hot roll laminator (widely used by most print production companies).

The benefits of our laminating equipment include:

  • Can laminate up to A1 sized materials
  • High heat temperature of up to140°C
  • Fast & efficient
  • Exceptional quality and accuracy
  • Built with demanding work flows
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Unsurpassed laminating quality
  • Ideal for mass production


In coming months, we will look into manufacturing other visuals products for our clients such as 5S kits, banners & general merchandise.

For updates on our design/printing area or new product please subscribe to our newsletter!

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