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Business Development Centre Now Opened!

Posted by Wiseman Institute on 1 May 2013

We recently opened our Business Development Centre in mid April 2013.

As a part of our pledge to improve our products and services, the BD centre will advance Wiseman’s capability of developing and delivering sustainable learning solutions.

The Business Development Centre will include the following functions and processes:

Media Centre (Customer Contact, Sales & Marketing, Database Management)
Meeting Room for customer visits
Validation Meetings
Training and upskilling of Wiseman Staff
Experimental Factory

Our Experimental Factory will be a one of a kind product offered to all existing customers, Wiseman Educators and  also individuals interested in gaining the skills & knowledge to become more employable.

The experimental factory will demonstrate our technical capability to improve the college of learning tools.

The Experimental Factory will feature:

Logistics Learning Cell
Forklift Training &  Forklift Licence (LF)
Manufacturing of learning tools/aids (5S kits, posters & other visual learning tools)
Engineering Workshop

Factory Floor Potential Classroom Set up Overview of Factory Floor
Factory Floor 2 Potential Set up of a Logistics Cell

The Experimental Factory will promote a direct connection between education and work. Various training activities will be conducted with the machinery from group discussions, project work to one on one coaching.

“ Wiseman is taking education back to where it came from” said Wiseman Institute Managing Director, Dr. Joe Husidic.

“This experimental factory will allow us to further integrate learning & working and further support our customers by constructing a learning environment within their workplace."

At this stage, the Experimental Factory is expected to be fully functional within 6-7 months.

Over the next few months leading up to the launch date, we will be sharing news/videos/images on its progress.


Tell us what you think about our upcomming "Experimental Factory"!

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Watch Wiseman's first TV commercial!

Posted by Wiseman Institute on 27 February 2013


Wiseman launches its first ever TV commercial!

The 30-sec clip features, Managing Director, Dr Joe Husidic, who defines  'wisdom' and who we are as a provider of business improvement solutions.

Click on the image below to find out how we can help drive your business forward!
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New courses now available!

Posted by Wiseman Institute on 17 February 2013
  • Certificate 3 in Food Processing
  • Certificate 4 in Logistics
  • Diploma in Logistics

Get in contact us for more information....

Rapid Learning Solutions for Sustainable Business Solutions


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Set up of New Business Development Centre

Posted by Wiseman Institute on 17 February 2013

Wiseman institute is in the process of setting up a business development centre.

The purpose of this centre is to improve Wiseman’s capability of developing and delivering sustainable business and learning solutions.

As part of this business centre, the following functions and processes will be setup:

  • Media Centre (Customer Contact, Sales & Marketing, Database Management)
  • Fully functional warehouse and factory for the production of educational aids and products that support Wiseman’s business improvement solutions


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